5 reasons why Electric vehicles are better than Gasoline Vehicles

As the gasoline prices keep climbing the search for electric vehicles has grown drastically over the past two years. Our opinion is that electric vehicles are the future for a safe environment, the better use of renewable sources of electricity and combine that with electric vehicles is the key for a complete vehicle that meets all environmental demands.


llNv-emP0f8Electric Vehicles have lots of great benefits, we can highlight the top 5 for you.

Have you noticed that electric vehicles are silent? Enginners have been perfecting the electric motor for decades and electric engines make almost no noise. Have you driven an electric vehicle? You will be surprised by the quietness and will love it. The noise level on the gas vehicles can be as high as 80 decibels.

Did you know that electric vehicles are far more efficient energetically? Only 15% of the energy created by a gasoline engine is used to move the car, the rest is lost as heat, friction and external forces. Electric vehicles are far ahead in this matter, they have a 90% efficiency when converting chemical energy to electrical energy.

Are you tired that your gasoline car always need new air filters, belts, spark plugs, new oil or other parts that need your occasional attention and replacement? Then you must know that electric vehicles are low maintenance cost and do not need as much the occasional replacements part as they do not need the regular oil change because the engine on the electric vehicle do not use oil at all.

On the long term, electric cars can be a huge money saver. For the same mileages, electric cars can be up to 5 times more economical that gasoline cars. Do the math!

This is perhaps the most important factor when regarding comparison between electric vs gasoline vehicles, the environment. All electric vehicles have no tailpipe because there are not gases resulting from combustion, so when we combine electric vehicles with electricity that came from renewable sources we find the perfect match for the environment.


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