Electric Scooter Review

If you liked “scooting” before you will love it now because with the electric scooter you will ride with no effort at all. Like all other PEVs, the electric scooter is a great option as it is economic and environmental friendly. This PEV is small, practical and very easy to ride.

Teens and youngsters are the main target that this personal electric vehicle was created, this PEV can reach the maximum speed of 18km/h and a maximum load weight of 90kg.


User safety is very important, so the recommended age for this product is 8 years +. For kids is important adult supervision and the use of a Helmet.


The scooter can be easily folded for transportation and storage by reversing the unfolding procedure. The scooter should be stored in a dry place. Clean the frame with a mild detergent and dry thoroughly. Do not use abrasives. This vehicle requires regular maintenance by the user.



Regularly check all welds, clamps, connecting devices and controls for tightness, security and correct operation. Inspect the condition and function of all brakes, wheels and tires and replace or repair if necessary.

This personal electric vehicle is not indicated for stunts, jumps or tricks.


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